Furnishing a Themed Restaurant


For the project of furnishing a themed restaurant, a restaurant owner may actually have a wider variety of options available than a “standard” eatery shopping for restaurant furniture. Depending on the planned theme of the diner, the decorator might venture into the flea market arena or estate sales in search of the funky or fabulous elements which might give the restaurant its particular character and flair. A themed restaurant creates the perfect opportunity to exercise creativity, both in the staple furnishings themselves and in the decorative items which complement them.

Of course, it’s likely that the new restaurateur can find furnishings to fit a theme among the offerings of established restaurant furniture providers, which may be simpler and speedier than scanning other arenas for furnishing options, but is unlikely to be as cost-effective. New furnishings can be budget-busters when it comes to their pricing, and if the aim of the ambience is not necessarily to present a “standard” restaurant experience, the restaurateur would do well to browse more broadly for alternatives.

Even a brand new restaurant can present a historical pub type theme, for example, with booths, a bar and mirrors purchased from a business sale of an older establishment that has passed its prime. Aged wood and signs of use will lend authenticity to the ambiance being evoked in the new establishment. An international menu offering will be enhanced with appropriate furnishings that reflect the culture of the food–items which might be purchased relatively inexpensively from an import service, or which might be worth a single trip abroad to search and select items from the country whose cuisine the restaurant will represent.

Another option to consider for furnishing a themed restaurant is the service of a custom furniture builder. A determined restaurateur might well be able to secure the services of a builder whose designs to specification might not be any more costly than buying standardized restaurant furniture from a standard supplier, and would have all the benefits of being designed specifically for the space and desired decor of the planned establishment.

As a general guideline to keep in mind, the restaurateur might remember that the amount of enjoyment in selecting and installing the themed furnishings is likely to be reflected in the enjoyment of the customers and clientele who will soon occupy those same furnishings. Themed restaurant furniture and decor, supporting an outstanding menu, will draw clientele and ensure their loyal return for more.


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