Office Locks: What you Should Know


When was the last time you changed the locks on your office door hardware? Don’t you remember? You’re not alone. It would be safe to say you’ve had the same locks since you moved into your office. In fact, they may even be the same locks the last owner had!

No matter what business you are in, you need a secure office. You have an alarm system, you installed security cameras, and you’ve taken steps to lock down your cybersecurity, but there’s a big open hole in your security: your locks. Installing quality ironmongery is an easy and effective way to make sure that no one is getting into your office unless they are supposed to be there.

Installing New Locks:

Why Your Current Locks Don’t Work

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Take a minute to think of the locks on your office doors. There’s at least one to get into the building. If you share a space with other tenants, there’s probably a second lock to your space. Once you get into your establishment, there might be a third lock on the door to your office. 

How many people have keys to these locks? Do they all have work in your office? Have any of them lost and made copies of the keys? Do you know where those keys are? What about your cleaning staff; do they have their own key?

If those locks have been there for some time and you’ve had much turnover, there’s no way to track how many keys are in use properly. And if for any reason, the locks on your doors right now were there when you moved in, you won’t know who might have a key.

Your business security might also be compromised if the door frame or the lock itself is damaged, due to wear and tear, or a previously attempted break-in. And that old lock where you use the little knob on the door handle—the one you can pop open with a butter knife—that does not count, either.

Why Does It Matter?

Is someone going to try to break into your space? Did you just fire someone or have some layoffs? It wouldn’t be uncommon for a disgruntled fired employee to vandalize or steal from the company. 

To a thief, there is probably a lot more of value in your workplace than you think: employee records, proprietary information, contracts, and quite possibly, the company cheque book.

What’s Right for Your Office

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If a property management company handles your office building, you may not have a lot of choices when you’re installing new locks. If the choice is yours, but it can be hard to pick what’s right. Whether you choose an old-fashioned traditional lock or a fancy new electronic locking device, the first thing to think about is your local fire code.

Many building codes need that all doors can be easily opened from the inside without a key or code. There are some very little variations on this, depending on local building and fire codes.


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